“(1) Your approach is very helpful for people seeking practical solutions to specific problems, as you have made this the main focus of our sessions since the start, but while still allocating enough attention to getting to know me and providing emotional support.
(2) Availability. You have been available for sessions as frequently as one might want, and respond to messages the same day. I feel this kind of immediate availability is a big help for people with ADHD.”

D, E, Clinician, Vancouver 

“I found Rabab to be very caring and understanding as a person. She is an expert at helping people with ADHD.”

H, W, Graduate Student, Islamabad

“I hope that by sharing my story that it will help others to understand the value of this important resource, and, if needed, they will be encouraged to take advantage of the insights that coaching can provide.
In November 2006 I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). I had always known that there was something ‘different’ about the way that I took in and processed certain kinds of information. My situation was made more complicated by a life-long visual impairment; some of the problems that I was having were attributed to my low vision.
It has been said that change can upset the balance. In 2016, my 4-day-a-week position went full-time with more responsibilities. Also, while most people within my workplace are kind, patient and supportive, there are those who simply do not know how to work with people who have this disorder. I felt overwhelmed by my new responsibilities and the accelerated pace under which I was now required to work. A three-month performance review revealed that I hadn’t performed certain tasks; I would be given three more months in which to improve.
Although I was devastated, I started to seek out resources and supports. I turned to the Learning Disabilities Association of Ottawa. There, along with other helpful resources that they provided, I was put in contact with Rabab Alhrabi who specialized in coaching people like me.
I benefitted greatly from Rabab’s assistance. I would like to extend a sincere thank you to Rabab Alharbi for her kindness, patience, wisdom, knowledge and guidance. My success in the workplace is proof that coaching helps, and I would encourage all who are challenged by ADD/ADHD and demands of today’s workplace to get the help that they need.”

S, M, Coordinator, Ottawa

“Rabab’s gentle but firm guidance created a strong sense of accountability that helped me stay on track towards my goals.
She offers a wide repertoire of techniques and encourages an open-minded approach to trying until the right fit is found.
Rabab is committed to clients’ success and makes her self available at all times to make it happen.”

R, R, Graduate Student, Montreal

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